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So what did we learn from yesterday's SAG Awards

1. Angelina and Brad need more arms to carry their newborn, or they will force Maddox and Pax to walk - to get some free space. She is *so!!!!!* definitly pregnant, her boobs gave it away, and stop making out while everybody arounds you eat - get it, you are in love!!!!!

2. The Winner List sounds horrible except for "The Office". I'd rather had seen the Globes than the SAG, next time please do the Globes and cancel SAG, Thank You

3. Who wore the prettiest dress? I don't see a one that stands out. They all look mediocre.

4. I thought Eva Longoria gained weight during the strike? If that's how she looks when she gains weight, I seriously should go to the bathroom and stick a finger in my mouth. Also, I liked Piven better when he made the Victory sign behind her Head last year. Cut the talking.

Different Note, I am obsessed with french cinema these Days. But they are just sooooooooooo very good, its abnormal.

And woot, for Marion Cotillard for getting some recognition in the States, she really is just great.
I loved her in "A very Long engagement" but she is even better in Le Mome(La vie en Rose) and Jeux d'enfants!
Her and Giullaume Canet really really live that movie. Its one of my favourite movies - its soooooooooooo cute, sweet, sad, dramatic, fun - perfectuous! If you find time, watch it, you won't be disappointed.
And now I wanna fall in love.

Thinking about it, I want Marion again with Gaspy and Guillaume in a movie, ohhhh what an awesome movie that would be. Guillaume et Gaspard - bel mort


“Half the time when you're writing songs, the things you're saying, you don't realize you're saying about yourself until you finish. Then you look back on an album you've written and put the pieces together, and you're pointing out your flaws. And that's the kind of stuff people want to hear. They want to know that it's normal to fuck up. That's a lot better than writing about purity.” C. Followill

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