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Steffen cut his hair!!!!!!!!! *shriek*

He really helps me to lose interest in him, thanks dear.

I know its odd me and my long hair obsession with man, but the moment I guy I find attractive cuts his hair, he is like a whole new person to me and everything about him changes.

Good thing I found a Steffen clone, bad thing won't see him tonight since Anja had to cancel our Party at Flowers and I hate to go alone.
Another odd thing, I can dance and have fun all by myself once we are in, but to go in there alone, and get in the mood to have fun(5 min) by yourself is just freaky.

He cut his hair, still gorgeous but oh so different.

Should I write that in the letter as well
PS: Why oh Why did you cut your hair? You look far more pretty when its long.

So long Claudi
the following Songs

Weezer - El Scorcho
The Smiths - Ask
Lush - I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend
Hot Hot Heat - Talk to Me, Dance With Me
Big Star - Thirteen
The Posies - Like me, too
Jonathan Richman - Love me like I love
The Field Mice - This love is not wrong
Innocence Mission - I have loved you
Magnetic Fields - I thought you were my boyfriend
Melissa Ferrick- anything anywhere
Yo la tengo - Shadow
Jawbreaker - I love you so much it's killing us both
Modern lovers - Girlfriend
HelloGoodbye - If you wanna I might
Beatles - I want to hold your hands
The Doors- Hello, I love you
Supertramp - Give a little bit
Smashing Pumpkins - Perfect
Ozzy Osbourne - I just want You
George Harrison - Got my mind set on you
Goo Goo Dolls - Iris
Aqualung - Strange&Beautiful
Chili Peppers - Teenager in Love

As you may noticed I am trying to make a mix with the Theme "I like somebody, but don't know whether he likes me as well, but deep down inside I hope he does" *g*

So if you know other Songs that deal with this, comment and maybe provide me a link to an MP3 or the lyrics.

Also, since none of the Share-Applications like Kazaa run on my Computer anymore, could you maybe tell me where I can find most of these songs, like websites, LJ_Communities, Messageboards etc.
I just need to hand the CD to ths certain guy in a week, so I really appreciate your Help. You can link it anywhere, the entry is public.

The Perfect Guy

Created by madhatter and taken 18359 times on bzoink!

Hair color?brown or blonde(no bleach)
Eye color?whocares
Height?1,75m and taller
Six pack?nice but not necessary
Long hair or short?LONG!!!!
Glasses?not really
Eyebrows?would be good
Big butt or little?average
Chest hair?NO!
Buff or skinny?Skinny!!!!!
Teeth?white, Please
Section 2
Funny or serious?Funny!!
Party-hopper or more stay-at-home?bit of both
Should he be able to bake or cook?if he doesn't want to get skinnier, definitly Yes!
Does he have a best friend?Sure hope so
Is it okay for him to have a lot of female friends?Ups, wrong question
Out-going or shy?middle
Sarcastic or sincere?sarcastic, I dig that
Does he love his mother?why not?
Should he watch chick-flicks?No, to cheesy
Would he be a smoker?No, but if he smokes I give him the chance to reduce it when we are together
How about a drinking?anytime
And swearing?Eww, Pimp much?!
Would he play with your hair?Of course!
Would he have more than one girlfriend at a time?Not when he is with me
Would he pay for you when you're on a date?Why not, next time, I pay
Does he kiss on the first date?Sure, hope so.
Where would you go for dinner?Sushi-Bar
Would he buy you flowers?No, I hate that.
Would he lay under the stars with you and spout random philosophies?No, Again.
Would he write poetry about you?Please, Don't.
Would he use endearments?No
Would he hang out with your and YOUR friends?That would be good
How about you hanging out with him and HIS friends?Sure, I want to know his people
Would he walk you up to the door at the end of the evening?He would do so
Would you hold hands?I guess
Section 3
Does he play soccer?if he wants to
Baseball?Definitly not
Basketball?Why not
Water polo?Ewww!
Golf or something equally boring?No!
Does he surf?I'd support that
Skateboard?only if he is a pro
Snowboard?same applies
Can he sing?No
Play the guitar?Yes
Play piano?Yes
Play the drums?Yes
Can he keep his room clean?Would be nice
Is he an artist of sorts?I'd love that
Does he write his own music?Again, would love that
Does he have pets?Yeah
Section 4
Does he use the word dude?No
How about tight?No
Would he watch the sun rise and set with you?I guess
What kind of car does he drive?Volkswagen or Toyota
How old is he?30-ish
What's his name?Who tells me gets a wedding invitation

Create a Survey | Search Surveys | Go to bzoink!

Surprise, Surprise ...I update my Journal

Who would've thought. Definitly, not me!

Just found out that Topher, as in Topher Grace, my favorite adorkable Guy on TV and reality if I ever meet him, was (is??) in Berlin, as in Berlin, Germany! Why did nobody told me?!!!
Hello, Dresden-Berlin with the train is only 60 minutes, I so would've made it to the Berlinale over the weekend to see him, but of course, I have to find out about it....TODAY!!
I am so frustrated about it, can't even tell you.

Moving on, I am going to Stuttgart for a job-interview this coming weekend. Isn't that great - I got invited to a job-interview, one, out of the 30 applications I wrote. Stupid economy.
But whats even better about it is that I am going to meet coffee_girl again, after god knows how long. I only remember that it was around the time Roswell's Season3 was about to air in Germany.
I can't wait. I have the feeling this weekend is going to rock, no matter how shitty and long that interview will be.

I've been reading to much Lost Spoilers, and I even told myself not to read any spoilers for the last 4 episodes, guess that resolution went down the toilet. Its good to have an obsession, again. And I love to read all these thoughts over at TWOP-Spoilers&Spec, because lets face it, that show is just too good for speculation.

Last words on The O.C. - That Sandy/Rebecca kiss was/is the killer for the show. I don't know what crack Josh is smoking, but its just bad material. That people actually think the show is gettin better because the ratings went up makes me want to yell at everyone.
The ratings only went up because my lovely Life as we know it got canceled!! The million viewers who used to watch LAWKI are just tuning in for OC because nothing else is on, and they actually know what the show/characters are about, thats why the ratings went up, and thats the only reason!
And Yes, I am still super-pissed that LAWKI got cancelled, and I wait for my last three episodes to air, and ABC better keep that promise.

Oh and does anyone from you people on my friends-list know the trick to get myself a mood-theme without having a paid account? If you do know could you please share it with me? I want to use that Lost- Homecoming Mood Theme. I know its possible to around the paid-account option, so please, please share, thanks a lot!

Oh, and (early) Oasis fuckin rocks. I've been listening to Definitely, Maybe for hours and hours, and I feel so good, me love Oasis very much, and Noel Gallagher - so my british bad boy hunk. Who cares about Liam, anyway.

Damn, I forgot something again, its my fucking short-term memory, one moment I know it and then its all gone, I think me gettin old, very old.

That's it birdies - Take care and Hasta Luego

Say it ain't so

I just read that FOX renewed That 70s Show for its 8th season!!!!

Don't get me wrong, I love the Show, but I refuse to watch it without Topher, he makes that show - What is the show without Eric Foreman? ---> Nothing!!!!!

Well Fox's little media release it says that Topher is still in for the eigth season, but somehow I don't believe it. He's been saying for over a year that 7th season is the last and he wants to focus on movies, so why would you sign on for another season?! Plus, Ashypoo wanted to leave as well, so I really don't understand this step.

They should just bring it to an end, already. I will miss the show, but I think its better they quit now before its going down the drain without Topher!

Wanted to rant about another important issue aka George Bush' Plan to invade Iran, but I won't go there yet.
Torrents are unfair! *'nough said*

1. I need help! Surprising, huh?!

My PC crashed, big virus, so I(my brother, actually) had to re-do everything and most of my VIPL went with the crash, so maybe one of you can help me to get them back.

I need the link to the site where guest of TalkShows/Late Night Shows are listed at, because I can't live without the fucking site!

Thanks to the person who helps me out here.

2. Torrents are evil Just don't want you to forget about it

3. Why do girls, the minute they have their first boyfriend, stop using their braincells?
Seriously if a girl ever again tells me that her new boytoy is sooo much smarter than her, when he clearly isn't, I am going to shoot/kill/strangle somebody.
Just because you have a boyfriend for the first time of your life doesn't mean that he is the king and you're his personal inferior!

4. Have to go in more detail here. Overweight Women should not wear leggings! I know this must sound like I am intolerant or something, but leggings are made for skinny people thats why I don't wear them.
So if there is a woman who wears XXL she should never wear leggings, its not good for her and definitly not good for her surrounding because its just to disgusting to look at.
There is this overweight girl, every morning, when I am in the tram she comes in with a fucking s-size leggings, I don't want to see that. Leggings are not good to show your features, they only make you look like your a retarded.
Oh and while I am at it, why do people not wash their hair like every 2-3 days? Its so disgusting when you're sitting in a bus next to a person who has greasy hair.
People don't have to be 90-60-90, hell no, but they could at least take care of their appearance outside. Is that really too much to ask for?!

5. Whats the big deal with the sell of Livejournal,anyway? I don't get it. Is George Bush now going after me or what?
Please, don't let me stay in the dark.

6. Torrents are still evil! Nothings ever gonna change that!
Most of the people on Fanforum pretty much suck!

Alright, shouldn't be a newsflash to me since I've been there since *counts the years*, more than 3 years, but it seems like the world will never get rare of idiots.
Some just think of themselves way too serious. Why did I even let the person knew she made big time mistakes? Next time I let people just run into the knives, fuckers.
--> My pre-christmas/holiday rant because its annoying.

Finally, I got my lazy ass up, and re-wrote my userinfo + deleting all the OC stuff, except for Peter, cause I love the Man, he is just in the wrong show, right now.
The current background is from -Laura- on FF, the Fanart looks terrific but sadly it does not go together with my LJ-Style, so I'll probably take it down. Maybe one day, I'll find a new great background. Oh and does anyone know if there is such a community where I can get/request 'Friends Only Signs'???

Then, I wrapped up all the gifts, today, for the big day tomorrow. I hate to wrap things up especially when its all just big boxes - big boxes in my small room - TOTAL MESS!!!
Too bad I am not that much about the christmas cheer, not my holiday, but then, what really is my favorite holiday?!

Last but not least, its finally december, the 23rd and Harald Schmidt comes back!!!!!!!!!! YAHOOOOOOO
Man, how I missed to see him and his snark on TV - I hope my expectations get fulfilled, but even if they don't he will still be a better sport on TV than the slimy moderators who kiss your ass all the time. !Dirty Harry is back!

Frage für die deutschen Leser meines LJ, was singt dieser bekloppte, besoffene Weihnachtsmann den man im Rington bestellen kann? und wer bestellt sich sowas? Achja, und dieses Kinderlied "SchniSchna..." wie kommt so etwas auf MTV?! Irgendwie steigt mein Puls immer so rasant an wenn ich mir über die dt. Musikszene/Musikgeschmack gedanken macht. Ein hoffnungsloser Fall wie Melissa das Monster, oder was meinst du Sarah?! *lol*

I wish everyone who reads this Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Fröhliche Weihnachten and may all your wishes come true and peace all around the World, becomes we need it more than ever.

Stupid Download

I need LOST 1.10, Do you understand me stupid torrent???!!!!

Seriously, I never had so many problems with a torrent file like I have with the torrent of this new Lost episode.

I have five torrents running just because they act so very different today. Anyone else want to kick that stupid message *Can't connect to tracker, retry* ??? Because I so want to.

So I have two torrents who are still in the unknown land, two in the 30s and one in the 61 area which was going so brilliant that I actually started to think - new episode,tonight for me, but then the PC crashed and now I get the loving message on and on *grrr*

Gotta love the new obsession *lol*

Good thing that 'The Daily Show w/ J.S.' doesn't take that long - at least he keeps me entertained and the fucking pharmacist(drugstore-guy) who won't sell his customers the birth-control pill. Seriously that is just fun to know that such morons live on this world. Gotta love the US for this!

Now keep on with the waiting for LOST

Important -- Please, I need Help

My bestfriends birthday is on Sunday, and I make him a CD with Top5 of the charts when he just came to this world, when he was ten and now, I have problems finding a song from now?

I need the radio version of Eminem's song 'Just lose it' without any shitty noise scratches.

If anyone would help me out on this, You will get a imaginary cookie.

I hope anyone is able to help me or if you won't help me, help the gift of my friend *lol*



I wanna wake up from this nightmare.

I watched the whole election procedure, so from 11PM - 9AM, I thought it would be worth it, but apparently NOT!

I am no american citizen, so I should probably watch what I am saying, but luckily there is 'Freedom of Speech' so read it and throw things at me.

I don't like your motherfucker of a President. Everytime, he opens his mouth he just comes up with bullshit. If I'd be living on another planet and meet him, I'd never believe for one minute that he could lead a country. He has no, absolutly no clue of politics and world matters, but hey, So what?!

I still can't get over the fact that he actually thinks that we have death penalty?! I mean 'Aloha' - Earth to the dumbass from Texas. Read a history book, will ya.

But, most importantly, I can't believe that he got re-elected. Please, I need reasons to get it.
He basically ruined your economy, attacked two states (Afghanistan justifable, and Iraq for supposed nuclear bombs) and is already having plans to attack either Iran or Northern Korea. Yeah, lets vote the war-president.
Honestly, I laugh my ass off about comments of people who think that the next four years will be the Bush years where he will do everything better. I mean seriously - who actually believes that?
Sad to say this, but I predict that after eight years of the Bush administration nothing will be better.
Bin Laden will still be playing his game with Bush (Hide/Seek); the economy will go down even more, international relations - who cares, Kyoto - whatever, you will lose more civil rights, but at the end of the Day, he was just great, right?!
I only hope his motherfucker of a brother won't run for president in 2008 - I already see the polls. Can I just escape from this nightmare.

Last but not least, I don't trust your voting machines a bit! I think the software was manipulated in favour of Bush, and yes that is my opinion, no one can take that away from me.

If Bush even gets the popular vote, the world is just going down,IMO.

Old Europe will never accept him. I can not wait for the time when Tony Blair gets kicked out of Downing Street, I wonder who will become his new puppy! Forgot, Poland and Italy!

God Bless America!


“Half the time when you're writing songs, the things you're saying, you don't realize you're saying about yourself until you finish. Then you look back on an album you've written and put the pieces together, and you're pointing out your flaws. And that's the kind of stuff people want to hear. They want to know that it's normal to fuck up. That's a lot better than writing about purity.” C. Followill

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